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Tesla Model 3 Standard Range PlusRear-Wheel Drive Automatic (2019)

Battery loading does require adjustment in your thinking, but is really not exciting. Just asking if you can load at your destination is nowadays quite normal. Along the way, people often charge "until they can get home." As soon as you have an electric car with a radius of 400 kilometers, it is hardly necessary.
Ultra-fast loading
The Tesla Model 3 can charge up to 250kW peak power with Tesla V3 Supercharger stations. Fast charging times are based on this. With normal Tesla Supercharger stations (120kW) you are 80% full again in 40 minutes. V3 Supercharging is about 2 times faster. Tesla is building these V3 stations at important locations.

  • Fuel type
  • Transmission
  • Body type
  • Seats
  • Doors
  • Excess mileage charge
    € 0,22
  • Excess
    € 750,00
  • Range
    386 km
  • Range in sommer
    447 km
  • Range in winter
    323 km
  • Range manufacturer's specs
    500 km
  • Range WLTP
    415 km
  • Usable battery capacity
    55 kWh
  • 80% fast charge in
    25 min.
  • Range after 30 min. recharge
    350 km
  • Charger wall outlet
    26.3 hour
  • Charger 3,7 kW
    16.4 hour
  • Charger 11 kW
    16.4 hour
  • Charger 22 kW
    8.2 hour
  • 18" Alloy wheels
  • Autopilot
  • 12-way electrically adjustable and heated front seats
  • Premium seat materials and upholstery
  • Music and media via Bluetooth
  • Tinted glass roof with sun and UV protection
  • Automatically dimming and folding heated side mirrors
  • Personal driver profiles
  • Center console with storage space, 4 USB connections and docking stations for 2 smartphones

Umbraco Awards Submission

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