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Mercedes-Benz short lease

Are you looking for a Mercedes-Benz as a temporary car? Supershortlease has the luxury but also the sporty ones in its short-lease fleet, both in petrol, hybrid and electric versions. Contracts are possible from as little as 1 month and can then be cancelled daily. However, the longer the duration, the cheaper the rate. The Mercedes-Benz is often seen in our short-lease promotions as well, a competitive rate regardless of the duration.

You can have the Mercedes-Benz delivered to your door or pick it up yourself if desired. Among other things, Supershortlease selects its cars based on attractive options and packages, economical fuel consumption and an attractive addition rate. If you are interested, request a short-lease quote without obligation.

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Cars found: 22 {{numberOfResults}}

Cars found: 22 {{numberOfResults}}

Choose from various Mercedes-Benz short lease cars

Thanks to our versatile range, you can always find a Mercedes-Benz short-lease car that fits your organisation, budget and wishes. For instance, you can choose a petrol city car, but hybrid cars, diesels and electric cars are also widely available. Wherever you are going, your journey starts at Supershortlease.


We think with you

A Mercedes-Benz short-lease car that suits you requires service that suits you as well. That is why we are happy to think with you. Would you like to know more about your options with your budget? Whatever your question is, our skilled employees are happy to help you. Please contact us via 088-99 60 100 or send an e-mail info@supershortlease.nl. Are you an employer looking for a car for an employee, a freelancer or are you an expat? Then also have a look at our range of company cars. Adventure awaits you. Where are you?