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Fleetmanagement by telematics

Realtime track & trace in online portal on smartphone, tablet or computer.

✔ Receive notifications with extreme driving behavior.

Automatic kilometers and trip registration.

✔ Extensive trip reports.

GPS Tracker in every car

Immediate real-time insight into the movements of the short-lease car, you can directly monitor and adjust it. That is what we have in mind to provide our customers with even more service.

We offer the exact information you need to keep an insight. Extreme use of the car, damage or fines, exceeding the agreed number of kilometers, high fuel consumption. These are just a few examples.

RentalTracker offers the possibility to track the cars via GPS and to follow them live eveywhere. You can see online exactly where they are located, in the Netherlands and in the rest of Europe as well. The Online Tracking Portal converts the complex fleet data into clear, insightful fleet reports. This way you always have up-to-date information within reach and you gain in-depth insight into your company.

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Trip registration

RentalTracker provides a complete set of trip reports about the fleet and drivers. And, you can compile customized reports with you own criteria. All data for a total overview, including the visited addresses, at a glance. Easy to use, low costs and the journeys are automatically placed in on online account.

In the reports you will find information about start / stop times, kilometers driven per trip, mileage, visited addresses, speeds and much more. The reports are automatically sent to you and / or others by e-mail or text message. The trip registration system works in both the Netherlands and Europe.