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Additional services

Supershortlease likes taking its short-lease services further than the other players in the market. That is why we offer a large number of additional services. Some of these are included by default. And some of them are additional options.

Regular maintenance

All our cars are properly maintained according to the factory specifications. The costs for this are included in the monthly rates.


Well insured on the road

All our cars are insured according to the legally required standards including a Passenger Accident Insurance. In the event of damage, theft, fire, vandalism or an accident, these insurances will cover you, provided you have not been in violation or negligent, with the exception of the deductible. The deductible is the amount you yourself remain liable for.


Always assured of breakdown assistance

Fortunately, it is a rare occurrence, but it could happen that you become stranded due to technical failure or damage. Know that you can then count on our well-organised breakdown assistance 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Anywhere in the Netherlands and nearly all of Europe (see the FAQ for the permitted countries here). Our assistance organisation, will help you get back on the road as soon as possible. In your own car or, if necessary, in a replacement car.
You can find more information here


Delivery and collection service

If you opt for a Supershortlease car, we are happy to deliver it to your door. Generally at any address in the Netherlands, both business and private. If needed, we can come and collect the car when you cancel it. In both cases, we charge € 85 excl. VAT per trip to cover the costs.


Fuel card

You can choose to conclude a contract including fuel. The driver will then receive a fuel card and we take care of the entire administrative process. The actually incurred costs are settled afterwards quarterly with the monthly advances that we have agreed with you. We are happy to calculate the relevant costs for you.


Winter tyres

You can have the short-lease car equipped with winter tyres for the winter period. Depending on the annual mileage, a set of winter tyres costs from an extra € 65 excl. VAT per month during the period that the tyres are under the car (at least 3 months).


Cars in your corporate style

Want to turn your car into a mobile business card? We can not only take care of the right car, but also have it stickered in your own corporate style. Feel free to ask about the possibilities and rates.


Need a car for a shorter period

You are in the right place with us for that, too. Through our rental organisation, we can deliver cars anywhere in the Netherlands. In the regions of our locations, we do this ourselves. Beyond that, we ask our colleagues in the INQAR network to be of service to you. Go to www.huurmij.nl to find out more about this.
Let us advise you.