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Electric and Hybrid Short-lease Cars

The step has been made, it will be an electric car. However, this is just the first step, as there are several electric cars to choose from. We say: make your choice well and short-lease a fully electric car.



Cars found: 22 {{numberOfResults}}

Cars found: 22 {{numberOfResults}}

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Electric driving at Supershortlease

Supershortlease has more and more electric and hybrid cars in the fleet. Not only because we think that's wise, but the demand for these cars is increasing. New models are also regularly added, in all segments from small to large. The number of charging points in the Netherlands is increasing, the charging times are becoming shorter, the range of the number of kilometers driven with one battery charge is also increasing, due to larger and more efficient batteries. Customers are more aware of the fact that electric driving has many advantages. Fully electric vehicles with a 4% addition, with which companies can not only show their social responsibility, but also keep the costs for the driver under control.