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Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question about short lease or leasing from Supershortlease? View thee frequently asked questions below or use the contact form.


Are you looking for a lease car for a short period? Short lease enables you to meet your (temporary) mobility needs in a flexible and cost-conscious way.
Your mobility costs can be adjusted to the need every day after 1 month. Or even earlier in specific cases.
Short lease offers even more advantages. This means you can have a car fully off-balance. Fully equipped and with an appearance that matches how you want to profile yourself as an organisation.
Short lease is ideal for starting entrepreneurs, but also for organisations who have employees on a probationary period or work with short(er) term contracts. Organisations with seasonal peaks can also come to us for solutions. We also serve many organisations who prefer not to have longer term lease contracts.

The minimum term is one month, unless otherwise agreed by contract. After a month, you can return the car without any problem and the longer you lease, the lower the monthly rate becomes. The maximum duration is unlimited. If you need the car for longer than 24 months, the contract can be converted into a lease contract in some cases. Please contact us for this.

Freelancers can also short lease with us.


The deposit is at least one monthly term of the short lease. The amount depends on the credit check and must be paid in advance. Monthly invoicing is done through direct debit.

If you drive a company car privately as well, your employer must add an amount to your wage. This is because you benefit from the private use. The amount is the so-called addition. The height of the addition depends on the catalogue price and the CO2 emissions of the car you drive. Your employer calculates wage tax/national insurance contributions on this addition. This reduces your net wage. You can find out more about this here

The addition percentage is stated on the detail page of each car and there you can also calculate what the addition costs per month.

The short-lease rates are excluding VAT per month. The Private short-lease rates are including VAT per month.

At Supershortlease, you get the lease car all-in. It is all very simple. The quote specifies a clear rate with which everything is taken care of and determined in advance. So no additional costs and hassle when receiving the lease car. No surprises, everything is clear in advance. The only thing you need to do yourself is refuel.

There is advance invoicing and payment is made by direct debit. You receive the invoice via e-mail.

The monthly invoice must be paid via direct debit. This debit occurs on the first day of the month. So make sure the account has sufficient balance so that the debit always works. We explain how the payment process works below.

  1. We debit the monthly payment on the first day of the month. You receive the invoice via e-mail in the last week of the preceding month.
  2. If the invoice is reversed, you will immediately receive a message about this. We do not re-collect. You are to pay it yourself immediately and also receive a link with the option of doing so via IDEAL. You have 3 days to make this payment.
  3. If you do not use this payment option and no payment occurs, we reserve the right to dissolve the contract and reclaim the vehicle.
  4. If the amount due is still not paid 30 days after the invoice date and no payment arrangement has been agreed, we will hand over the file to Incassobureau Credifixx in Leiden. We also automatically report the debtor to ELENA, the BOVAG warning system.

The ticket or decision is initially sent to us, as we are the owner of the car. We then charge it to you with an additional € 10.00 excl. VAT (€12.10 incl. VAT) administration costs.


You can collect or return the short-lease car at one of our Huurmij renting locations in Leiderdorp, Leiden, Alphen aan den Rijn, Haarlem en Amsterdam. You can find more information on our contactpage.

We can deliver or collect the car at the desired address within the Netherlands excl. the islands, the costs for this amounts to € 85 excl. VAT per trip. The mileage for departure and return to the Huurmij location are leading for the final settlement. The car departs our shop with a full tank en will be refueled upon return. De refueling costs are being charged to the contractor.

Transport on the day of request or after 3 p.m. scheduled for the next day is an 'urgent request'. A surcharge is charged for this.


Want to board quickly and easily or park upon arrival or departure at Schiphol? You can! Collecting and returning the car is possible 24 hours per day via our Schiphol service. Ask about the costs and conditions.

In most cases, this is possible within one day. This depends on the provision of the necessary information, such as an extract from the chamber of commerce, ID, financial information, availability and deposit payment.

If another desired car is available, then that is no problem. A new contract must then be made. A car exchange on location costs € 85 excl. VAT and fuel. Exchange on the initiative of Supershortlease is free of charge. When exchanging at the initiative of the customer, we charge € 75 excl. VAT for administration costs.


Our fleet is continuously updated with new cars, so there is a chance that you get a new car. In most cases, the passenger cars are not older than 2 years.

This is possible after consultation. The costs associated with this are entirely for your own account. All stickers must be removed when the cars are returned.

If the car needs maintenance, you always contact the workshop of our location in Leiderdorp.088-9960100. The best option for you is determined in consultation.

Call +31 88 99 60 111. Outside our opening hours, you will be redirected to our emergency center. In the event of damage, always fill out a claim form. Take pictures and contact the police if necessary. For a detailed explanation click here


You can drive our cars to the following countries in Europe:
- Belgium
- Denmark
- Germany
- Finland
- France
- Greece
- Hungary
- Ireland
- Italy
- Croatia
- Luxembourg
- Norway
- Austria
- Poland
- Portugal
- Slovenia
- Slovakia
- Spain
- Czech Republic
- United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland)
- Sweden
- Switzerland

If you are not sure, always contact us first.

The car has a third party liability + full hull coverage (in-house) including passenger accident insurance, but there is a deductible per claim if the short-lease car is returned with damage that was not yet present on departure and it is not recoverable.

The amount of the deductible for non-recoverable damages is stated on the contract, in the General Terms and Conditions and in the car specifications. For drivers under the age of 24, a surcharge applies at the detuctible of € 150 per claim.
With all additional non-recoverable damages within 12 months after the 1st instance of damage, the amount of the deductible is doubled.
With a 3rd instance of non-recoverable damage within 12 months after the 1st instance of damage, we have the right to dissolve the contract immediately.
The excess for the replacement of a windshield, because it contains a crack or a non-repairable star chip, is at least € 250.

A passenger accident insurance comes standard with every short-lease car.

Yes, every car in our fleet may be driven with a B licence, including all trucks.

You will of course receive assistance abroad in the event of a breakdown or damage.

Private individuals are only coevered if foreign cover has been taken out for a one-off amount of € 75 incl. VAT. These will then only be costs that cannot be recovered by us through the brand coverage of the car manufacturer or our insurer.

More explanation can be found here


If you have a question that is not listed here, please complete the contact form.