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Terms and Conditions Supershortlease

Supershortlease is part of HuurMij BV

Art. 1 The shortlease rates are exclusive VAT and fuel

Art. 2 The shortlease rates include:

  • Depreciation, also from the BPM
  • Interest
  • Road tax
  • Insurance (Art. 9)
  • Regular maintenance, repairs and normal tire wear (Art. 19 & 21)
  • 24-hour emergency service (Art. 10)
  • Vehicle replacement (Art. 11)

Art. 3 Duration of the agreement

The minimum term is one month, unless otherwise agreed by contract. After the minimum term, the term is tacitly extended by one day each. The maximum duration is unlimited. A shortlease month is set at 30 days, regardless of the calendar month. The exact number of days will be settled on the final invoice.

Art. 4 Conclusion of the contract

The agreement is concluded if the relevant quotation has been completely and correctly completed by the customer and has been legally signed and accepted by HuurMij BV.HuurMij BV can refuse a quotation without further explanation.

Art. 5 Payment
The short-lease rate will be debited monthly by prepayment and direct debit on the first of the month. The lease price over a part of the month will be calculated pro rata. The customer authorizes HuurMij BV to collect the monthly lease price of the bank account stated on the lease contract.

In the case of a private short lease, the customer pays monthly in advance within 7 days of the invoice date.

Art. 6 No timely payment

The customer is in default without further notice of default if the direct debit has not been successful.

In the event of a 1st reversal, the customer is given the opportunity to manually transfer the invoice amount within 5 working days, without adding extra costs.

With a 2nd reversal, an amount of € 9.50 excl. VAT administration costs will be charged and the direct debit will be removed and replaced by the payment condition: “prepayment”.

If the outstanding amount is not paid within the set term, HuurMij reserves the right to remotely stop the vehicle as long as the arrears have not been paid. An amount of € 50 excl. VAT will be charged for activating the vehicle.

Art. 7 Extra kilometers/mileage

For extra kilometers/mileage, a price per kilometer is calculated, as agreed in the lease contract. If the extra kilometers exceed 10% of the agreed mileage, HuurMij BV is authorized to adjust the rate, as indicated in the shortlease rates list, with retroactive effect to the actual mileage with the associated lease amount.

Art. 8 Pick-up & delivery service

Pick-up and delivery service on location in the Netherlands costs € 70 excl. VAT per movement. Pick up at one of our branches is free of charge. The start and end mileage of the contract with the associated tank capacity are determined on departure and return at one of the Huurmij stores.

Transport scheduled on the day of request or after 4 p.m. for the next day is an ‘urgent request’. A surcharge of € 15 excl. VAT is added for this.

A car exchange on location costs € 85 excl. VAT and fuel. Exchange at the initiative of Supershortlease is free of charge. When exchanging at the initiative of the customer, we charge € 75 excl. VAT administration costs.

Art. 9 Insurance

The monthly lease price includes the following insurance:

  • Coverage: liability + casco under own management
  • Insured amount: € 2,500,000 liability
  • Accidents occupants for the maximum number of seats of the car. SVI coverage is not included in the monthly lease price

In the event of damage, the contractor will owe the agreed amount of the deductable, unless the damage that has arisen is fully compensated by a third party. For drivers under the age of 24 years a surcharge on the excess of € 150 applies per claim.

  • With each additional non-recoverable damage within 12 months after the first damage, the height of the own risk is doubled.
  • For a third non-recoverable damage within 12 months after the first damage, we have the right to terminate the contract immediately.
  • The excess for replacing a windscreen, because there is a crack or a non-repairable star, is at least € 250. Glass repair is also covered by the deductible.
  • Administration costs is charged per claim is € 9.50 excl. VAT

Parts of the car that do not belong to the equipment as supplied by HuurMij BV are not covered by the insurance taken out by HuurMij BV.

Art. 10 Alarm service

In the event of a breakdown, the customer can call on our alarm service. This can be achieved 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Information is in the vehicle and / or on our website. In certain cases, but not exclusively, such as the incorrect refueling or other problems caused by own fault, the costs are passed on to the contractor. The maximum amount of own risk for calling the emergency service in the event of a flat tire is € 150.

Art. 11 Vehicle replacement

In case of repairs, maintenance or repair of damage, which lasts longer than 24 hours, the customer is entitled to replacement transport. The costs for the first 24 hours are for the contractor. When the customer brings the vehicle for maintenance to our branch in Leiderdorp, the customer receives free replacement transport (excluding fuel), irrespective of the duration of the maintenance. Travel kilometers are added to the kilometers of the lease car.

Replacement transport is equivalent to the lease car as much as possible, but is always determined by Supershortlease.

In the case of non-recoverable damages, the costs for replacement transport are the first day for the account of the contractor. Non-recoverable damage is always repaired in-house, with possible exchange costs being for the account of the contracting party and outside the own risk.

Art. 12 Deposit and first monthly payment

The deposit is at least one month's term. The amount depends on the credit check and must be paid together with the first lease term prior to the vehicle being made available. After the vehicle has been returned or the short lease agreement has been terminated, the deposit will be refunded, or offset against other outstanding items arising from the same lease contract, such as, but not limited to, fines and damage.

Art. 13 Termination of the agreement

After expiry of the minimum duration, the agreement can only be canceled by the customer by e-mail, subject to a notice period of one day. After receipt of the cancellation, HuurMij BV will send the customer a written confirmation thereof. In consultation, the car will be picked up by HuurMij or returned by the contractor. An intake report is drawn up for this. If it is not possible to check the car properly, for example, but not exclusively, because the weather is bad, the car is dirty or it is too dark, the intake will be done at the location of HuurMij.

Art. 14 Conditions

The customer accepts the conditions as stated in the agreement of HuurMij BV. Leasing of the vehicles is based on category. We try to take account of possible preferences. For this the customer is dependent on the availability of the vehicle. The list of brands and types is only indicative and can change at any time.

Art. 15 Price adjustments

Huurmij BV is entitled, during the term of the right of use, to adjust the prices due to possible price changes. The price changes of the holder's tax, insurance, fees, taxes and other price changes permitted by the government can be fully implemented from the time that these changes occur.

Art. 16 Note when shortlease to courier services

  • The deductible is at least € 1,000 per damage event
  • HuurMij reserves the right to increase the own risk in case of excessive amount of damages
  • Deposit has a minimum of 2 months
  • Rental to others is not allowed without the written permission of HuurMij
  • On the first Saturday of the month, the most recent mileage to be passed to the branch Leiderdorp, 088-9960100 or by e-mail, info@supershortlease.nl

Art. 17 Reclaim the vehicle

Huurmij BV is entitled to recover its properties or to remotely stop them in the event of default of payments and obligations or unlawful use of the vehicle by the contractor or driver. All costs arising from this are for the account of the contractor. As a result, HuurMij is entitled to terminate the contract with immediate effect.

Art. 18 Vehicle telematics

All our vehicles are equipped with vehicle telematics which sends, receives and stores information about distance. Vehicle telematics is a way of monitoring the location, the movements, the status and the behavior of one or more vehicles.

In the event of repeated determination of (extremely) high speeds (170 km p/h or higher, HuurMij will report this to the tenant and HuurMij reserves the right to increase the deductible per damage to € 2,500.

Within the HuurMij organization, one person is authorized to view this information. This information is never shared with third parties, except in case of a claim by the Ministery of Justice.
Contact person: Franco Vosse, director of HuurMij BV, f.vosse@rebellease.nl

Art. 19 Costs not included in the lease term

  • Washing and cleaning the vehicle during use
  • Parking and toll costs
  • Repairs to parts of the car that do not belong to the equipment supplied
  • Replacement or repair of tires that are not caused by normal wear
  • Fuel pass
  • Refilling liquids, such as the windscreen washer and AdBlue
  • Fines. These will be passed on to the contractor with an increase of € 9.50 excl. VAT administration costs. Current objections do not release the contractor from payment obligation to HuurMij BV.
  • Updates to navigation systems and extension of mobile online services
  • Use of winter tyres

Art. 20 Use of the car

In consultation with HuurMij it is possible for the contractor to provide the car with extra accessories and advertising messages. The costs associated with this are fully borne by the contractor as well as the costs for returning it to the original state upon termination of the contract.

It is forbidden to smoke in the car. In the event of a breach, all cleaning costs as well as the recovery of any fire holes due to smoking will be charged to the contractor.

Art. 21 Maintenance and repairs

The contracting party undertakes to take care of the maintenance of the car according to the maintenance schedule of the manufacturer, as well as the weekly checking and , if necessary, adjusting / topping up of oil cooling, brake fluid and tire pressure. Maintenance must at all times be in consultation with the Carfleet Department of HuurMij in Leiderdorp, which must give permission for this.

Art. 22 Damage and theft

In the event of damage or theft, the contractor or driver is obliged to fill in a claim form (front and back), sign it with any other party and report this to HuurMij within 24 hours on working days.

Damage repair must at all times be in consultation with the Carfleet Department of HuurMij in Leiderdorp, which must grant permission. Damage to or loss of the personal property of the contractor or occupants in the vehicle will be borne by the contractor.

Art. 23 Payment arrangement

HuuMij offers the customer, in exceptional cases, the possibility to settle the payment arrears in a payment arangement. The first arrangement is without additional costs.

With a second payment arrangement or more, an amount of € 50 excl. VAT will be charged for administration costs.

Art. 24 Collection

24.1 After exceeding the payment term, Huurmij BV is entitled to pay the statutory commercial interest in accordance with article 6:119A of the Dutch Civil Code +2% surcharge (financial loss) to charge the overdue balance.

24.2 If the payment term is exceeded, the customer is legally in default after having been summoned at least once by Huurmij BV to pay within a reasonably applicable term.

The extrajudicial costs are set at at least 15% of the total amount formed by principal and statutory commercial interest.

For unmentioned items, the following applies:

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