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Private Short-lease Cars

Can I short-lease a car as a private person? Of course that is possible with Supershortlease.

Contract can be canceled daily after 1 month

No BKR registration

Transparent rates

Allcostst included except fuel

Including road tax, insurance, maintenance, repairs, tires, roadside assistance at home and abroad and replacement transport in the Netherlands (after 24 hours)

During the summer reservations can only be made within 30 days before departure.

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Cars found: 1 {{numberOfResults}}

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Private short lease, you are in the right place with Supershortlease

A few weeks in Germany for work, a temporary job that requires a car or providing family members from Australia with transport for when they come and stay in the Netherlands next summer. Taking a private lease car offers a solution when you need a car for a short period. Short lease for private individuals is the ideal combination of flexible rental and the benefits of full-operational lease. Supershortlease gives you the freedom to do what you need to do, for as long as necessary.

A flexible life requires a flexible private short-lease car

Car rental, but in a different way. Several years ago, we noticed that there was a need for flexible, careless and affordable leasing. Nobody wants to be stuck with a two-year contract while you only need a car for a year. Being able to take the car whenever you want, alone or with company and at home or abroad, but also being able to choose when you want to terminate your contract. A suitable car with simple conditions that can be cancelled daily after a month. These are the advantages of short lease for private individuals.

Always a private short-lease car that suits you

Whether you are looking for a city car or a station car that can easily handle the Swiss Alps, you can always find what you need at Supershortlease. From the sporty Peugeot 108 to Ford Focus, and from Mini One to Toyota Corolla TS hybrid. Moreover, most cars in our fleet are less than a year old. An automatic is not a problem either.

Celebrate your freedom: short lease as a private individual

All our cars are fully equipped and competitively priced. Insurance, road tax, interest, depreciation, repairs, maintenance (including free replacement transport) and tyres, everything except fuel is included with private short lease. Nice and predictable, because who wants surprises afterwards?

  • Including all-risk insurance, wherever you go
  • The longer you lease, the lower the monthly amount
  • Have your car within a day
  • Every car has air conditioning, radio with Bluetooth and USB connection and often also standard navigation

Drive in the Netherlands and almost all of Europe

Supershortlease takes you further

Are you looking for a certain type of private short-lease car? Do you have a special question or do you simply want to talk to one of our employees? No problem. You can reach us via 088 – 99 60 100 or send an e-mail to info@supershortlease.nl.