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Bauke Tuitel

Year of birth: 1976
Job: Manager short-lease

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He visited 15 countries in 1 year, from South America to India. In 2014, he landed in Leiderdorp at the Supershortlease office. Far away from the vast expanse, but perhaps even further away from the average corporate office landscape.

“There is an open atmosphere here”, Bauke says. “With our small team, we can respond quickly. We know what’s going on with everyone, even privately. That does make the work a lot more personal! I also find humour very important. We have a committed team that is very interested in each other and in the customers. People who listen to each other. Are attentive. That works both ways, because what you give to others, you get back.”

Asking questions and listening: the Supershortlease team builds the organisation and determines joint goals with an open mind. The bar is raised ever higher, which Bauke likes. “I want to challenge myself mentally and physically. For instance, I run at least four times a week and regularly visit the gym.”

Does he have any tip with regard to distant travel destinations? “India is my favourite. A country of extremes. The combination of nature, people and food is wonderful. Travelling shapes you, changes you. You experience the freedom of deciding what you want to do.”

Shahid Nasrullah

Year of birth: 1985
Job: Account manager short-lease

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He keeps a close eye on the car market. He has been doing so since his youth. But now Shahid can also use his interest in new models and versions in his daily work. If you want to know what is available - and want to drive it fast - then Shahid is who you want to talk to.

“99 out of 100 times, the customer can directly get ‘wheels’ from us”, he says. A hefty promise, but Shahid has the insight and skill to provide ad hoc solutions for customers. “And if we do not have a specific car directly available, I first help the customer on their way with a similar model. Of course, I later exchange it with the desired car”, he explains.

Besides the work, Shahid is an passionate athlete and a true family man. Unfortunately, a knee injury forced him to put football aside. To work on his recovery, he started running. 5 kilometres quickly turned to 10 kilometres. And now the half-marathon of the City-Pier-City Loop is next. Target time: 1 hour 45 minutes. Recently, he also started giving football training to the Ukkies; children aged 4-6 years old. Including his own son, who is a goalie.

In his work, Shahid is just as open and honest as he is in private. He likes taking work off customers’ hands by proactively responding to what needs to be done. “I try to do as much as possible and go as far as possible”, he says. “This allows me to find the best and most affordable solution for customers. That is what people can expect from me.”

Sharon Pommerel

Year of birth: 1988
Job: Account manager short-lease

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She is a huge fan of snowboarding and a travel type. With the Maldives and Bali still fresh in mind, the excitement of going snowboarding in Canada beckons her. “There is still so much to see and experience”, Sharon feels.

So what is it with her and cars? Well: her first car was a Peugeot 207 Convertible. That already says a lot. “I love nice and open driving”, she says. Sharon also loves sports cars. “I visit the Porsche Days and the Super Car Sunday on the TT circuit in Assen every year. That exhaust sound! Don’t you just love it?”

Working at Supershortlease and Rebel lease feels like a second home to her. “I am very sensitive to the right atmosphere”, she says. “As back office account manager, I want to make leasing cars a lot more personal.

It is about more than just delivering cars; I want to connect with the customer. If this collaboration runs smoothly, this leads to more satisfaction from both sides. People around me tell me I am social and caring. It is great to always surprise customers with that. By doing that little bit extra.”

But the package she brings is broader than that. Sharon is also minces no words and is not too fond of waiting. And quite the perfectionist as well. “It just has to be neat”, she responds, laughing. “I figure everything out down to the last detail and take care of everything that is necessary. Companies spend money, and they can expect to be pampered. I consider that only natural.”

Eric van der Geer

Year of birth: 1972
Job: Fleet manager

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Some people simply know everything about cars. Eric van der Geer is such a person. He has a passion for technique and follows the developments of the car world closely. Originally trained as a car mechanic, he grew to the position of manager with his previous employer. Since 2007, Eric has been applying all his knowledge and experience as fleet manager of Huurmij Mobility.

“No two days are the same and that keeps my work exciting”, he says. “If I am not conducting price negotiations with suppliers, I may be working on maintenance, damager repair or getting new cars ready. I manage three guys in the workshop. Together, we make sure our fleet looks top-notch.”

He spends his spare time with his wife and 2 teenagers, a boy and a girl. Saturdays in particular are filled with volleyball and football. Both in his work and in fatherhood, he goes with his gut. “Your gut is an excellent starting point to base choices on”, says Eric. “That is an approach I got from my work as MOT inspector. Just like the ability to make decisions quickly.”

“It is either good or not", he states. “That is what I always say to the car mechanics I train: what choices would you make if it was your own car? That is the best frame of reference you have. And with that starting point, you always make the right decisions for customers.”

Tjeerd Stuivenberg

Year of birth: 1991
Job: Operational officer

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With a father in the car industry, his love for cars developed from an early age. Tjeerd mainly likes regular-looking cars with large engines. “Crude cars”, he calls them. He has been working as an operational officer for Huurmij Mobiliteit since 2015. In particular for Supershortlease and Rebel Lease.

“I have fun colleagues and a diversity of tasks”, Tjeerd explains. “I love that; all those arrangements. I constantly need to act with regard to contract management, transport, planning, repairs and maintenance. That is why I am regularly in contact with customers. Those are usually pleasant conversations, but sometimes I have to be strict. I have a strong sense of justice, both for the customers and myself. That is why we fortunately always come to a solution together. The best moments are of course when I get to call customers about the delivery of their new lease car.

He himself loves driving to Austria and back during the winter. Tjeerd: “I love snowboarding. The freedom, the peace it gives me. Fantastic! And partying with friends afterwards. If it were up to me, I would go five times a year, but I can usually manage two times.”

In the summer period, he focuses on football, diving and barbecuing. If the weather permits it, Tjeerd fires up his barbecue every weekend. And not for a hamburger. No: they are dishes that can easily have 10-12 hours of preparation time. Think of pulled pork, a good piece of ham or a tomahawk ribeye. “The tastiest piece of meat there is”, he says. “What applies to barbecuing also applies to work: with attention and a little patience, you get the best result.”

Marco Rosenboom

Year of birth: 1968
Job: Operational officer

He has enjoyed working in the automotive industry since he was 18. Preferably with a wide range of tasks under his hands. He finds the dynamism he is looking for at HuurMij, Supershortlease and Rebel Lease. "As soon as it gets busy, I'm in my element," says Marco Rosenboom.

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What is your history? “Before I started here, I worked for another leasing company for 17 years. After the takeover of that company, I saw my role become much smaller, after which I approached my contacts at HuurMij and Supershortlease about a possible switch. That became concrete on June 1 2021. They saw a future in my extensive experience in the industry.”

What appeals to you in your work? “It is a challenge for me to streamline the operational work at HuurMij, Supershortlease and Rebel Lease. In addition to claims handling and contract management, I also receive many other questions from customers to which I can answer. For example, when someone has short leased a car for a certain period of time and wants to convert this into a long-term lease contract. That can be arranged very easily and I play a pivotal role in that.”

How do you experience working at HuurMij, Supershortlease en Rebel Lease? “First of all, I get on very well with all my colleagues. The atmosphere is good, it feels familiar and that is a pleasant surprise if you - like me - have worked for other companies for a long time. There is also a good dynamic here, because of the combination of rental, short lease and lease. There is movement in the car stock and there is a lot of customer contact. It feels like a warm bath to me.”

What do you do privately? “Privately, I enjoy family life and I like to go for a walk with the dog, through the woods or on the beach. Darts is a great hobby, I've been doing it competitively for 30 years. My Friday evenings are reserved for this!”

What appeals to you in the automotive industry? “I got into it after high school and it has never let me down. I have been a car painter and LPG installer and now work in the lease business. I can still enjoy a skid course, driving in the terrain or on the track or touring around with a nice oldtimer. Provided the paintwork has been restored Picobello of course, because I have an eye for that. I dream of an exemplary restored Jaguar E-type. But I don't necessarily own it myself."

What do you bring into your work? “I hope that my view of business provides added value for customers. Certain decisions have a certain influence on operational matters and it is good to be able to anticipate them in advance and provide clarity to the customer. I am really someone who will try to help people as best I can. At the same time, I am always honest and straightforward. Even when something unexpectedly does not go well. Ultimately, it's about how you solve it for a customer."

Marcus de Jong

Year of birth: 1970
Job: Debtor manager

Since October 2020, he has been responsible for debtor management for HuurMij, Supershortlease and Rebel Lease. Marcus de Jong's strength lies in thinking along with the customer: "My goal is not to get defaulters out of the car, but to get satisfied customers who pay their bills on time."

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What can we know about you privately? Laughing: “I don't have many secrets, you know. I currently live in Vijfhuizen. I played football myself until I was 32 and since then I have been involved in various positions with clubs. I am a real football fan. I am currently team manager of AVV Swift (main class Saturday amateurs). I prepare for the matches, arrange uniforms, the equipment and the bus trips. The players just need to focus on football.”

How do you experience your work as a credit manager? "Very interesting. This is who I am and what I'm good at, it's in my DNA, as it were. The growth of our fleet also means a growth in debtor management, for which I currently reserve 2 days a week. It is striking that the management is assigning me more and more related tasks, including the handling of traffic fines.”

What makes you good at what you do? “You can approach debtor management in two ways: rant like an elephant in a china shop or look for solutions. Where you have to remain very strict and businesslike with one customer, you can look for a connection with another. And seeing how I can help people always makes me very enthusiastic, both professionally and privately. It is a method with which you often achieve much more in the end.”

How do you find that connection with the customers? “Doing business is a close interaction between sales, fleet management and debtor management. One cannot do without the other. The following applies: an agreement is an agreement, where there is room for the customer's emotion. My starting point is always to solve a possible problem, realizing

that this is sometimes not possible. When I succeed in getting an outstanding bill paid, while the customer feels good about this, it gives me great satisfaction.”

What attracts you to working at HuurMij, Supershortlease and Rebel Lease? “We get along well, I have felt at home here since the first minute. Anyone who works here can be themselves and that is nice. In addition, the organization has a large circle of regular customers, some of whom I have regular contact with and even have a certain click. The approach we use will help with that. The way in which your leasing company makes contact with you says a lot about the organization with which you do business. Our aim is to find a positive angle that suits this club. And with the type of customers that we attract.”

What type of customers attract HuurMij, Supershortlease and Rebel Lease? “They are open and transparent, they supply the right documents on request and they keep to their agreements. They treat the car as if it were their own. In turn, we offer them the flexibility to easily switch between rent, short lease and lease. This creates a nice interaction based on trust.”

What is your message to customers with an overdue bill? "Remain available, even if things look less rosy for you than you would like. That gives us the opportunity to help, think along and reach agreement while talking. I have been involved in this profession for three decades and clients can use the knowledge I have built up. The more I know about your situation as a customer, the better I can advise on payments."