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Carefree on the road with Rebel Mobility Services

About us

Of course, we have been around for about 50 years. But what does that really say? It is so important to keep up with the times! Our organisation has grown to more than 1,000 own vehicles, and that now allows us to offer customers all possible mobility solutions. And we do this under one name; Rebel Mobility Services. A flag that captures the essence. The flag of an organisation that is proud of its entrepreneurial, slightly rebellious, but very competent offspring: INQAR HuurMij, Supershortlease and Rebel Lease.


On the road without worry

One starting point will always be paramount: optimal flexibility for the customer. That is deep in HuurMij‘s DNA; the car rental company that started it all. Supershortlease was founded in 2009, where you can short lease cars from just one month. Rebel Lease is the youngest member of the family, for customers who want to lease for a longer period. With this addition, since November 2015, we are complete. All built on the same, flexible roots. Remarkable in the need to give our customers as much freedom as possible. Because that is what we are all about. Rebel Mobility Services: on the road without worry.

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HuurMij (Rent Me)

What do you get if you put a bunch of entrepreneurial franchisees together? That they deliver just a bit more than you expect as a customer. That is why HuurMij is affiliated with INQAR. At INQAR HuurMij, you can find vehicles for a period between 1 hour and 30 days. Passenger cars, passenger vans, delivery vans, box trucks with loading platform and even bicycles. We offer the latest models and versions.

Continuous innovation

We cover most of the Randstad area from Leiden, Leiderdorp, Hoofddorp, Alphen aan den Rijn, Haarlem and Amsterdam. For businesses, cars are delivered or collected quickly, usually within half an hour. This means you never have to wait long for your vehicle and the pressure in your parking lot remains minimal. In addition, we support the fleet management with the latest technological gadgets, such as a damage app. Our new software offers you personal access to your own rental history through a customer portal. In short, we actively respond to new developments. For no other reason than our desire to be better every day.

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Let’s be honest: nobody wants to be stuck with an unnecessarily long lease contract. Is the market erratic? Do you need to be able to adjust your fleet to that? Supershortlease moves with your situation.

Flexible short lease

Through flexible short lease, you have the freedom to adjust to whatever the circumstances require at a given moment. But you also want to drive the right car, that fully meets your demand. No problem! We have just as much attention for the choice of model, colour, navigation, version and addition as when you are leasing for a longer period.

Customisation for everyone

At Supershortlease, we love customisation. That applies to our flexible lease contracts, for the independent choice of cars and for the people who work here.

We are leading

Supershortlease stands for short communication lines; you will immediately have your contact person on the line. Someone with knowledge of the field and of your situation. You also stay in control of the fleet. As an administrator, you can read all information out of a car that you want via telematics. Great for mileage registration. And if you want to know where your drivers are. Control of the situation means control of your costs. You are fully in control as a client! That makes Supershortlease leading in the Netherlands.

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Rebel Lease

Everyone makes choices. Where many are tempted to walk the beaten track, Rebel Lease prefers to seek our adventure. We are a small, independent car leasing company. An ambitious club that is not afraid to distinguish itself in the lease world. On the one hand, the satisfied customers of Supershortlease now have the option to convert their short-lease contract into a lease contract. On the other hand, new customers are also finding their way to our flexible solutions for the longer term. With strikingly competitive rates, especially given the level of service and the great involvement capacity of Rebel Lease.

Go for flexibility

Providing clarity is our great strength. Our market experience shows that with car lease, as much as 70% of the costs incurred deviates from the original contracts. Rebel Lease calculates what where you stand at the end of the ride in advance. So that you do not have to face unexpected expenses. At the same time, we always remain flexible. So if anything happens that causes the situation to change – for whatever reason – then we look for a good solution together, even if it does not fit within the usual frameworks. We are happy to do this for you, because it makes us happy. Rebel Lease takes care of it.

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Electric Car Lease

Leasing with a plug is the future. A low addition, sustainable, you name it. Only: what are the differences between cars? What should you look for? And does electric or hybrid driving fit your daily transport needs?

Your ideal car

Elektrischeautoleasen.nl provides clarity. We have a wide selection of electric and hybrid vehicles in stock. Is your ideal car not there? Then we order it for you, and you receive a similar model as a predelivery car.

Try it out!

Elektrischeautoleasen.nl is THE brand-independent organisation for leasing electric and hybrid cars. For the short and long term. Still not sure? Then take a several-month test drive based on short lease and see for yourself! Through flexible short lease, you can cancel and return your car free of charge every day after a month. We won’t take it personally. And if you like it, we can convert the short lease into lease for you. Just as easy.

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