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BMW short lease

Short lease your BMW at Supershortlease. Supershortlease has a broad range of BMW cars. See the overview below and make your choice.

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Cars found: 40 {{numberOfResults}}

Cars found: 40 {{numberOfResults}}

Short leasing your BMW car

A round brand logo with two blue and two white surfaces and grills in the form of two kidneys. If you hear this, you know... Exactly, it’s a BMW. Naturally, this 100-year-old car brand should not be missing from Supershortlease’s range. 

Are you a true BMW driver and do you want to arrive at any business appointment in style, and does that stylish and cool look also match your personality and private life? Then you are in the right place at Supershortlease. With us, you short lease the BMW that suits your work, your life and your style!

The benefits of short leasing a BMW

Are you a freelancer or do you have employees who work on a project basis or are in their probationary period? Then you of course want the certainty of a reliable car with the right appearance, but the last thing you need is a complicated long-term lease contract. If you choose Supershortlease, you choose:

  • a flexible existence, through our lease contracts that can be cancelled monthly;
  • a wide selection of BMWs, including the popular 1 series and the luxury 3 series;
  • efficient short-lease BMWs with a low addition;
  • fair prices, including insurance, maintenance, service and breakdown assistance;

a reliable and expert party that is always there for you and things with you.

Find the BMW short-lease car of your dreams

Our fleet is full of beautiful short-lease BMWs. The fleet is constantly being updated with new cars, which means the passenger cars are less than one year old in most cases. And in many cases, you even get a brand new BMW. Choose the short-lease BMW of your dreams and we will make sure you are ready to go where you want within 24 hours.

Whatever your destination is, we help you get there

At Supershortlease, you are assured of experienced, friendly and helpful staff. Whether you have a question or are experiencing a problem, we are there for you to answer and/or resolve them. How can you contact us? Very easily: send us an e-mail via info@supershortlease.nl or call us at 088 – 9960100. In most cases, you receive a suitable and non-binding quote within one hour.