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Ford short lease

In your daily life, do you often need to ‘hunt’ for new customers for your business and are you looking for a suitable short-lease car? Then Ford offers the flexible basis that you need. And in your spare time, are you a thrill seeker who likes to spent the winter on a snowboard in Austria and the summer on a surfboard in France? Then that same Ford will take you to the next thrill of your life. 

Ford’s history is long and rich. Henry Ford, the founder of Ford cars, permanently changed history in multiple ways. The introduction of the assembly line not only means that cars slowly became affordable to the larger public, but also brought about a real change in the industrial world. Ford cars are still some of the best-selling cars in the world, which is why short-lease Fords are of course not missing from our range. Experience how a Ford will change your life!

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Cars found: 9 {{numberOfResults}}