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Short-lease the car that suits you! Below you will find an overview of all short-lease cars in our range. If the desired brand or model is not listed, contact us.

Cars found: 34 {{numberOfResults}}

Cars found: 34 {{numberOfResults}}

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Short leasing

With Supershortlease you short-lease a car for every monent. One day you drive to visit your customers, the other day with your best friend to the Ardennes for a weekend of mountain biking. A short-lease car is not just a car. It must be equipped with all conveniences and fit your life. Whether you are looking for a trendy city car ir the latest SUV that drives you to work, but also makes your friends weekend a success, Supershortlease takes care of it. Not stuck to an annual contract but can cancel every day. That is the power of short leasing at Supershortlease.

Experience the freedom of short leasing with Supershortlease

Want to lease a car for a short time? To drive from work to that new client? Whatever you do, a short-lease car is always the answer. Not just cool cars for organizations with temporary contracts, but also for companies with seasonal peaks or starting entrepreneurs.

Flexible leasing, adventurous driving

Whoever is brave dares to go on an adventure. With the certainty of Supershortlease you will only be confronted with nice surprises when short leasing a car.

  • Choose a short-lease car that fits your lifestyle and work. 
  • Also ideal for start-ups and freelancers.
  • You can have a car completely off-balance.
  • Cars are fully equipped and insured.
  • Convert your short lease contract into a lease contracy? No problem! We arrange it for you.
  • Find the car of your choice in our fleet of over 1500 cars.
  • Supershortlease as long as needed.

Choose from more than twenty short lease brands

Thanks to our versatile range, you will always find a short-lease car that fits your organization, budget and wishes. For example, you can opt for a city car powered by gasoline, but also hybrid cars, diesels and electric cars are widely available. From a Volkswagen Up and Nissan Leaf to a BMW 3-series or Tesla Model 3. From city car to premium model. Wherever you go, your journey starts with Supershortlease.

Short leasing a car that suits you needs a service that suits you. That is why we like to think along with you. Looking for a specific brand? Or would you like to know more about your options with your budget? Whatever your question is, our skilled employees are happy to help you. Contact 088-99 60 100 or send an e-mail to info@supershortlease.nl. Are you an employer looking for a car for an employee, a freelancer or an expat? The adventure is waiting for you. Where are you?