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Change summer and winter tyres

If winter tyres are included in the short-lease contract, you can schedule an appointment with us for changing the summer tyres/wheels.
This is carried out by our partner KwikFit in a location of your choice.
Before you contact us, you always need to have the tyre size of the car on hand. You can find it on the side of the tyre (see image).

The winter tyres must be fitted around October/November. The summer tyres should be changed back around March/April.

Adding winter tyres to the short-lease contract

If you do not yet have winter tyres in the short-lease contract and you do want these, then this can always be arranged.
With winter tyres, you drive a lot safer in temperatures below 7 degrees. You have considerably more grip and a shorter braking distance. Advantages of winter tyres:

  • shorter braking distance (20% shorter at temperatures below 7 degrees)
  • braking distance halved in snow (50 km/h)
  • lower fuel consumption
  • more grip in wet and cold weather

Also contact us about this via mail or phone, even if you have questions or comments.

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