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Rent a car for a year

Leasing a car is a smart solution for those who need representative transport, know that it is for a longer time and do not want to make a major investment. Based on the expected number of kilometres per year, the leasing company calculates a rate that is more favourable than that of a rental car. Leasing a car is especially suitable for businesses that require a vehicle for multiple years. If you have a temporary worker with a 12-month contract, then short leasing is the solution for you.

Cars found: 34 {{numberOfResults}}

Cars found: 34 {{numberOfResults}}

Short leasing for a year

The monthly prices for the short lease of, for instance, a Skoda CitiGO, Toyota Yaris or Volkswagen Polo can all be found on this site. We have a spacious station, such as a Peugeot 308 SW diesel or an electric Nissan Leaf with only 4% addition, too. Luxury cars are also among the possibilities. With us, you can always find a car that fits your budget.
View the online prices based on the annual number of kilometres. For more information, call us at 088 - 9960100 or e-mail info@supershortlease.nl.