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Car lease - can be cancelled monthly

Leasing a car is a smart solution for those who need representative transport, know that it is for a longer time and do not want to make a major investment. Based on the expected number of kilometres per year, the leasing company calculates a rate that is more favourable than that of a rental car. Leasing a car is especially suitable for businesses that require a vehicle for multiple years.

Cars found: 197 {{numberOfResults}}

Cars found: 197 {{numberOfResults}}

Huurmij has been at home in car leasing for over 40 years

In recent years, we noticed there was a need for a different type of rental. Flexible, affordable and carefree. That is why we are offering an alternative in the field of short lease in the Netherlands with our services. If you want to lease a car for a period of 1 month or longer and not be stuck to a 2-year (or longer) contract, then this is the ideal solution.


View the car lease rates online

Curious what leasing a car based on short lease costs? We immediately provide clarity on this website. You see all our short-lease cars and the associated rates, based on a desired number of kilometres per year. After leasing this car for 1 month, you can cancel the contract every day.