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Rent a car for 5 months

Imagine: you need a rental car for 5 months, go to the dealer and pick a cool car. You are totally crazy about the BMW or Mercedes you have just taken a test drive in. The price is fine, the contract is clear and you can drive your new dream car within 24 hours. Sounds too good to be true? Not at Supershortlease. With us, a contract with clear conditions is very normal. And so is being able to cancel the car daily after just one month, without the hassle with papers or complicated small print.

Cars found: 186 {{numberOfResults}}

Cars found: 186 {{numberOfResults}}

Rent a car for 5 months at Supershortlease

At Supershortlease, you can lease a car for as little as one month. In addition: 

  • all cars are fully equipped and insured;
  • you can find the car that suits your wishes and needs in our fleet with over 1,000 vehicles;
  • you can start your driving adventure within 24 hours;
  • short leasing is also ideal for organisations with seasonal peaks and employees with short-term contracts or probationary periods;
  • you can have a car fully off-balance;
  • you can opt for attractive options, such as the delivery and collection service, winter tyres or a fuel card.

We have more than just passenger cars

Did you know that at Supershortlease, prices for a car start as low as €290 excluding VAT per month for a Citroën C1? That means a lot of comfort and driving pleasure at a small price. Even for longer distances, you can find plenty of cool cars in our fleet.
Not just for passenger cars; you can also come to us for cool short-lease company cars. We have a broad range from the brands Renault, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and more. Do you want to know more or speak with one of our employees? Then call us via 088 – 99 60 100 or send an e-mail to info@supershortlease.nl.