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Rent a car for 3 months

Not being stuck with an unfair contract, clear conditions and being able to cancel when you want. Are you a starting entrepreneur and are you not sure how long you will need a lease car for? Or do you work for an organisation with seasonal peaks and need transport for a few months? Rent a car for a few months, as long as you need it. You are in the right place for that at Supershortlease.

With a short-lease car, you can determine your own freedom as a freelancer, private individual, company or expat. A good short-lease car should not only fit your company, your wishes and your appearance, but should also match your daily life. With a choice of 1,000 cars in our fleet, you can always find a car that suits your wishes and needs. Not just for work-related matters, but also for that friends’ weekend to the Ardennes. You can use your new dream car within 24 hours and enjoy all benefits that Supershortlease offers you.

Cars found: 186 {{numberOfResults}}

Cars found: 186 {{numberOfResults}}

Rent a car for 3 months at Supershortlease

At Supershortlease, renting a car for 3 months means you are assured of good transport, which you can cancel whenever you want after just one month. Moreover:

  • you receive a contract including all-risk insurance;
  • you can drive in almost all countries in Europe;
  • your contract is complete and there are no hidden costs. This way, you know where you stand before you get in the car;
  • you can choose how long you want to keep leasing. Want to rent a car for 3 months, a year, or rather a month? Everything is possible! 
  • it is possible to have your car stickered, so that your short-lease car fits perfectly with your company;
  • you can choose appealing options, such as a fuel card and delivery and collection service.

Start your journey at Supershortlease

Whether you are looking for a Citroën C1 to drive through the city, a Volkswagen Passat for longer distances, you can find a suitable car for any budget at Supershortlease. Prefer a hybrid short-lease car? That is also possible. For short-lease company cars, too, your journey starts at Supershortlease. Nissan, Mercedes or Volkswagen, whatever you choose, choose a car for as long as you need it. Need help picking out your dream car or do you want to speak with one of our employees? Call us at 088 - 9960100 or send an e-mail to info@supershortlease.nl.